Team Members

Yunes Nico Yunes, Project Organizer
Montana State University Physics
Cornish Neil Cornish, Co-Organizer
Montana State University Physics
Key Joey Shapiro Key, Co-Organizer
Montana Space Grant Consortium

Film Team

aig Dennis Aig
Montana State University Film and Photography
Beaubois Scott Chestnut
Cinematography and Editor
menkol Jim Menkol
Montana State University Film and Photography
suarez Mike Suarez
Montana State University Film and Photography
Logan Triplett
Helio Collective Cinematography

Art Team

Jellison Jessica Jellison
Montana State University Architecture
Mast Sara Mast
Montana State University Art
O'Leary Chris O'Leary
University of California Los Angeles Design Media Arts
Kankelborg Charles Kankelborg
Montana State University Physics
Stillwell Cindy Stillwell
Montana State University Film and Photography
Watson Tom Watson
Montana State University Film and Photography

Music Team

Bolte Jason Bolte
Montana State University School of Music
Mowitz Ira Mowitz
Stewart Tobin Stewart
Montana State University School of Music
Young Greg Young
Montana State University School of Music

Education Team

Jamie Cornish Jamie Cornish
Montana State University Extended University
Price Virginia Price
Montana State University Physics
Raley Jessica Raley
Montana State University College of Letters and Science and Gallatin College
Reidy Michael Reidy
Montana State University History

External Advisers and Speakers


Stephon Alexander
Dartmouth College Physics

Gates S. James Gates
University of Maryland Physics
David Kaiser
Massachusettes Institute of Technology Physics
Spergel Lawrence Krauss
Arizona State University Physics
Spergel Lisa Randall
Harvard University Physics
Spergel Bernard Schutz
Albert Einstein Institute
Spergel David Spergel
Princeton University Physics

Theatre and Media Team

Beaubois Terry Beaubois
Montana State University Creative Research Lab

Evelyn Boswell
Montana State University Communications

Calcagni Tom Calcagni
Montana State University Communications

Catherine Courtenaye
Graphic Design

lambert Ron Lambert
Montana State University Communications
Ragsdale Vanessa Naive
Montana State University Film and Photography
Ragsdale Amy Ragsdale
Headwaters Dance Company, Missoula
sanford Jody Sanford
Montana State University College of Letters and Science


The Celebrating Einstein team would like to thank the following contributors:

NASA MSGC Education Enhancement Grant, PI Yunes
NSF Physics Grant, PI Yunes
MSU Teaching and Learning Committee Innovative Instructional Grant, PI Mast
MSU Arts and Architecture Block Grant, PIs Aig, Bolte, Jellison, Mast, Stewart, Stillwell, Watson, Young

Montana State University
Waded Cruzado, President
President's Fine Arts Series
Martha Potvin, Provost
Tom McCoy, Vice President for Research
Nicol Rae, Dean of the College of Letters and Science
Robert Marley, Dean of the College of Engineering
Nancy Cornwell and Joe Fedock, Dean and former Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Architecture
Richard Smith, Physics Department Chair
Michael Reidy, History & Philosophy Department
Tom Calcagni, University Communications
Kim Obbink, Extended University

Other Funding and Support
Helio Collective
Montana NSF EPSCoR
Wild Joe's Coffee Spot
Bozeman Public Library

Additional thanks to:

Robert Arnold, MSU Film and Photography

Manuela Campanelli, Hans-Peter Bischoff and the RIT Gravity Group

Colette Campbell, MSU Film and Photography

Joan Centrella and the NASA-Goddard Group

Katerina Chatziioanou, MSU Physics graduate student

Simone Cordery-Cotter, MSU Film and Photography

The Country Bookshelf

Steve Drasco

Marc Favata

Brian Frankish

J.P, Gabriel, Filmlites Montana

Craig Hogan

Scott Hughes and the MIT Gravity Group

Kathy Jahnke, Shakespeare in the Parks

Casey Kanode

Pablo Laguna and the GeorgiaTech Gravity Group

David Larson

Montana State University Gravity Group

Chris Murphy, Helio Collective

Frans Pretorius and the Princeton Gravity Group

Thomas Prince

Tony Purpura, MSU Film and Photgraphy

Luciano Rezzolla, Ian Hinder, Simon Barke and the Albert Einstein Institute Gravity Group

Laura Sampson, Physics graduate student

Jody Sanford, Communications Specialist for the College of Letters and Science

Marc Scheel and the Caltech Theoretical Astrophysics and Relativity Group

Stu Shapiro and the UIUC Theoretical Astrophysics Group

Wade Sisler, Director, Goddard Space Flight Center

Uli Sperhake and the Cambridge University Gravity Group

David Stark of Bitterroot Gymnastics-Missoula

Suzi Taylor, Assistant Director of Outreach and Communications for Extended University

TERRA: The Nature of Our World

Douglas Trumbull

Michele Vallisneri and the Gravitational Wave Group at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Tom Watson, MSU Film and Photography

Scott Wiessinger, Goddard Space Flight Center

Mike Weix, Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture staff

Richard Yuricich